tiny trimming truths…

July 13, 2012 § 2 Comments

Around here we are firm believers in the fact that it’s the little things in this world that that are pretty much always far more complicated than they would seem to be…both in & out of the printshop. So in this vein, we decided to share with you a mini sneak peek into the type of complexity that is hiding within what-would-seem-to-be a very simple thing: a full bleed print {where the image &/or text goes all the way to the edge of the sheet} here at Spoon&Sailor. Oh, & feel free to ask questions as this is a quite abbreviated photo-story of the process!

we print the piece with the bleed extending beyond the final page size…

…then with a very sharp pencil & a very trusty ruler, we connect the corner crop marks on the top sheet to serve as a guide, because with every cut, we lose a set of crop marks…

…& then, on to the guillotine!

if you look at the ends of the trim, you can see the crop marks are cut right in half…which is a GOOD thing!

yup, right in half.

two cuts down, many more to go…

…bleed trim beauty shot…

…final cut…

…et finis!

{celebratory cat nap}


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