spoon & soil…

September 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

A very well known secret to some, & lesser known one to many, is that when not in the printshop we Spoon&Sailors can usually be found rootin’ about in piles of dirt…or in the kitchen eating, cooking, or canning our no-longer-dirty bounty. Oh & friends, this summer produced a bounty & then some!
Yes, it is safe to say that the garden is quite possibly our favorite part of summer…except for swimming in the ocean (we love that ocean).

Here are some glamour shots that we Instagram-ed for you of various harvests of our 100% ink-free, home grown deliciousness. Come over soon & we’ll give you a tomato…or two.

Ps. Please feel free to share any favorite end of season tomato recipes! Or rather, any favorite vegetable recipes at all…xo




the ocean state…

September 5, 2012 § 6 Comments

As one might guess by the Spoon&Sailor name, we here are big fans of the sea. Luckily, the ocean state is chock full o’ ocean & this past weekend we took advantage of this geographical fact in full…adding on bike rides, bagged beach drinks {the maiden voyage of this gem of an idea}, cloudless skies, swimming swans, sunsets & teepees! Yes, teepees. Here’s a peek at how we do when a serious recharging by the ocean session is needed:

a nouveau nouveau…

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Well, the research phase {seen here two posts back} has ended, & a new Art Nouveau & Arts & Crafts inspired suite ran through the presses this past week. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the process shots that were Instagrammed along the way…enjoy!

almost proper in the printshop…

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We managed to sneak in a lil’ retail restocking this week by squeezing in some much needed press time to crank out more of our Almost Proper Conversation Cards. Once the presses got rolling, these puppies were everywhere! Hopefully we made enough to even make it through the holidays, which does seem far away for normal folk but in the printshop world things are probably going to get snowy soon…inside not outside. xo

best inspiration…

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We’ve been busy in the printshop designing some custom wedding suites inspired by the Art Nouveau & Arts&Crafts movements…which just so happens to be home to some of our very most favorite art & artists ever.

So, we thought it only fair to share with you a bit of the inspiration that we’ve been finding & pinning cause it’s just too gosh darn dreamy to keep to ourselves. Enjoy!

& let us know if you Pin inspiration on Pinterest too because we would love to follow you…xo

Source: Spoon&Sailor on Pinterest

Source:  Spoon&Sailor on Pinterest

Source: Spoon&Sailor on Pinterest

Source: Spoon&Sailor on Pinterest

Source:  Spoon&Sailor on Pinterest

Source:  Spoon&Sailor on Pinterest

tiny trimming truths…

July 13, 2012 § 2 Comments

Around here we are firm believers in the fact that it’s the little things in this world that that are pretty much always far more complicated than they would seem to be…both in & out of the printshop. So in this vein, we decided to share with you a mini sneak peek into the type of complexity that is hiding within what-would-seem-to-be a very simple thing: a full bleed print {where the image &/or text goes all the way to the edge of the sheet} here at Spoon&Sailor. Oh, & feel free to ask questions as this is a quite abbreviated photo-story of the process!

we print the piece with the bleed extending beyond the final page size…

…then with a very sharp pencil & a very trusty ruler, we connect the corner crop marks on the top sheet to serve as a guide, because with every cut, we lose a set of crop marks…

…& then, on to the guillotine!

if you look at the ends of the trim, you can see the crop marks are cut right in half…which is a GOOD thing!

yup, right in half.

two cuts down, many more to go…

…bleed trim beauty shot…

…final cut…

…et finis!

{celebratory cat nap}

Jill & Katherine, it is with much joy…

June 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’m going to tell you a secret: we know a bunch of completely awesome & terribly creative folk, & we’re lucky enough to be able to call them our friends. And so when two of our very favorite & very most creative ones are gettin’ hitched to each other, we are thrilled to the max to collaborate in the best way we know how: on the presses!

Katherine {graphic designer extraordinaire} & Jill {hand draws strings of dots!!! among her many other exceptional talents…} designed these beauties & had the genius idea of having the invitation & rsvp postcard share a single sheet by simply perforating a dividing line at home et voilá, the rsvp becomes a postcard! This happened because they are geniuses, & the same goes for using a custom stamp to address the back of each postcard.

I love their use of color & typography, along with visual texture & festive energy of the hand drawn (by Jill!) pattern…100% well organized whimsy. A+

My own invitation to their wedding just came back to me in the mail, which is always super exciting but this time even more so as it was adorned with Katherine’s swoon-worthy calligraphy & Jill’s expertly curated vintage stamps.

It is truly awesome when we get to combine doing what we love (getting inky) & the folks that we love…& can’t wait to take off this shop apron & party! xo

an impromptu providence picnic…

June 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

So yesterday was my favorite type of weather: sunny, breezy & high 70’s verging on low 80’s. Perfect for a sitting outside at one of Providence’s cafes for a leisurely iced coffee or brunch…or even better for finding a spot by the water & having a spontaneous picnic!  And yes, that’s just what we did.

A quick trip to Whole Foods gave us indulgent “treat yo’self” style salad bar salads {raise your hand if you think they should have scales at the salad bar…}, an avocado to halve for two, a ginormous bag of salt+pepper kettle chips, & two cups of ice for the mandatory {see previous post} summery picnic cocktail that was quickly whipped up at home. Then on to a total dreamboat of an afternoon spent at India Point Park staring at the sea, ogling puppies on the land, &  lounging about on a big blue blanket in the sun.

Yup, definitely not the type of day to spend inside the printshop — hooray for Sundays & hooray for ocean-adjacent picnic spots in the Ocean state!

cocktails & calligraphy…

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Happy friday, friendships!

Well, with wedding invitation season in full swing, we find ourselves spending a great deal of time thinking about two of our favorite things: calligraphy & cocktails! Oh, of course we’re also thinking a great deal about paper, ink, design & all the other little details of ephemera creation, but we’ve decided that these two C’s really deserve a bit of our undivided attention while we consider the visual direction of our custom suites…& thus they also deserve a post to call their very own!

This is because that although both calligraphy & cocktails are always lovely regardless of their particulars, it’s the specific styling &/or flavor of each that can lend an undeniable sense of personality to a special occasion. Tones can quickly be set by whether a formal 18th century engraving-based style of calligraphy, a modern stylized twist on a classic, or a whimsical swoosh of swashes & flourishes is let loose upon the front of an envelope. And similarly, a sip of a cocktail offers a guest with a sample of an event’s intended flavor; signaling whether this is a spicy chili pepper-laced evening affair or a refreshing citrus berry smash of a summery afternoon garden party.

In fact, we’re thinking of starting all future wedding suite design meetings with “So, what type of cocktail do you want your ephemera to feel like?” or “How should your envelope addressing taste?”  Yes, we do need to work on a better phrasing for these questions, but don’t you agree that the answers would be oddly telling?

Here are some of our current favorites for you:


1} Bon Appetit‘s already Spoon&Sailor-tested picnic hit of a Blueberry Smash

2} Neither Snow‘s breathtaking handwork on one of our very own favorite suites

3} White On Rice Couple‘s  Blood Orange Margaritas of our dreams

4} lyrical letters from Besty Dunlap

5} 101 Cookbook‘s ultimate cocktail starter: Rhubard & Rosewater Sryup

6} Sundwall Type specimen sheet

7} Oh, just a lil’ Vodka-Thyme Lemonade from Martha Stewart

8} the swirls & swashes of Grace Edmands Calligraphy

9} Kari Morris Cho Lula as graciously shared with us by Design*Sponge

ahoy, friendships…

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So it has finally happened: Spoon&Sailor Letterpress has hatched a lil’ baby blog! This is mainly due to the fact that we really like you & would thus love to see more of you…so we figured that we should probably be bold & make the first move by showing you more of us.

Here we’ll share with you some of the flotsam & jetsam that sweeps through the studio, intermittent goings ons around the tiny shop & the tiny ocean state, some of the things that inspire our work, &/or the stuff that just plain makes us smile…in hopes that it will do the same for you.

And as coincidence would have it, we just ran these very notecards through the presses this morning, & so without further ado we will now get our green bloggin’ wheels a rollin’ by saying to you: oh hello, friend. xo


{& yes, these sure are available for you over at Etsy…we would never tease you like that. xo}

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