saving dates, making maps, hibernating & ready for spring…

March 15, 2013 § Leave a comment

Where have we been all of February and half of March? Oh, busy doing three things: cranking out custom Save the Dates, making more and more maps, and patiently waiting out the end of a long and snowy New England winter. It’s the letterpress studio’s version of wintertime hibernating…but with pretty much zero lounging and sleeping involved! It now seems that Spring is finally starting to make an appearance and we could not be more pleased, so here are some Instagram pictures of some of what we’ve been busy with during our very snowy, very inky and very busy “hibernation”…enjoy!




January 13, 2013 § Leave a comment

December flew by in a flash…or rather a very busy blur of both fun & productivity. Our December days were chock full of holiday card printing & shipping, calendar assembly, cooking & eating the best treats, visiting with friends & family, working on new wedding designs, & lots of quality cat time. It has been a busy Winter so far and we are so pleased to welcome 2013 & all of the additional days of “Winter busy” that it will bring! Here’s a bit of our favorite December moments that we captured on Instagram…or just a bit of us lately.



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a nouveau nouveau…

August 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

Well, the research phase {seen here two posts back} has ended, & a new Art Nouveau & Arts & Crafts inspired suite ran through the presses this past week. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the process shots that were Instagrammed along the way…enjoy!

best inspiration…

July 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

We’ve been busy in the printshop designing some custom wedding suites inspired by the Art Nouveau & Arts&Crafts movements…which just so happens to be home to some of our very most favorite art & artists ever.

So, we thought it only fair to share with you a bit of the inspiration that we’ve been finding & pinning cause it’s just too gosh darn dreamy to keep to ourselves. Enjoy!

& let us know if you Pin inspiration on Pinterest too because we would love to follow you…xo

Source: Spoon&Sailor on Pinterest

Source:  Spoon&Sailor on Pinterest

Source: Spoon&Sailor on Pinterest

Source: Spoon&Sailor on Pinterest

Source:  Spoon&Sailor on Pinterest

Source:  Spoon&Sailor on Pinterest

cocktails & calligraphy…

June 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

Happy friday, friendships!

Well, with wedding invitation season in full swing, we find ourselves spending a great deal of time thinking about two of our favorite things: calligraphy & cocktails! Oh, of course we’re also thinking a great deal about paper, ink, design & all the other little details of ephemera creation, but we’ve decided that these two C’s really deserve a bit of our undivided attention while we consider the visual direction of our custom suites…& thus they also deserve a post to call their very own!

This is because that although both calligraphy & cocktails are always lovely regardless of their particulars, it’s the specific styling &/or flavor of each that can lend an undeniable sense of personality to a special occasion. Tones can quickly be set by whether a formal 18th century engraving-based style of calligraphy, a modern stylized twist on a classic, or a whimsical swoosh of swashes & flourishes is let loose upon the front of an envelope. And similarly, a sip of a cocktail offers a guest with a sample of an event’s intended flavor; signaling whether this is a spicy chili pepper-laced evening affair or a refreshing citrus berry smash of a summery afternoon garden party.

In fact, we’re thinking of starting all future wedding suite design meetings with “So, what type of cocktail do you want your ephemera to feel like?” or “How should your envelope addressing taste?”  Yes, we do need to work on a better phrasing for these questions, but don’t you agree that the answers would be oddly telling?

Here are some of our current favorites for you:


1} Bon Appetit‘s already Spoon&Sailor-tested picnic hit of a Blueberry Smash

2} Neither Snow‘s breathtaking handwork on one of our very own favorite suites

3} White On Rice Couple‘s  Blood Orange Margaritas of our dreams

4} lyrical letters from Besty Dunlap

5} 101 Cookbook‘s ultimate cocktail starter: Rhubard & Rosewater Sryup

6} Sundwall Type specimen sheet

7} Oh, just a lil’ Vodka-Thyme Lemonade from Martha Stewart

8} the swirls & swashes of Grace Edmands Calligraphy

9} Kari Morris Cho Lula as graciously shared with us by Design*Sponge

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